Training & Volunteering




Thanks to the support of The Big Lottery Fund, HPFA are able to offer training to individuals and groups in the Humber area. Regular courses are held in playground management and inspection for which a Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents certificate is awarded. Any organisation involved in managing a playground should pursue this to ensure that it understands it's responsibilities, has the practical skills to inspect a playground and is aware of best practice.

Similarly, Sports Leadership training is regularly offered: this assists participants to plan and deliver recreation sessions from sports to fun games and activities. It is a great preparation to start volunteering as an activity organiser, and if you wish, to use as an introduction to sports coach training.

HPFA may also be able to assist individuals to undertake sports coach training when applicants wish to volunteer or work as coaches in community recreation facilities.

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The "Gamesmaker" volunteers almost stole the show at the London Olympics. If they can do it, why not you too? Volunteering can be fun, a great way of meeting new people and perhaps a way of developing new skills or usefully using the skills you already have. The Humber Playing Fields Association depends on it's volunteers, whether they be our Trustees or the thousands of people involved in the Humber's hundreds of playing fields associations, sports clubs, village halls and so on.

The HPFA can help you volunteer by putting you in contact with voluntary organisations and perhaps by providing training if you need skills in sports leadership or play and sport facility management. We may sometimes be able to provide training followed by volunteer experience with one of our partner organisations.

There are also opportunities to become a volunteer Trustee. Trustees are nominated by member organisations at our AGM which is usually held in October. They serve for a year, after which their nomination may be renewed. During the year, they are asked to attend four meetings, at which they oversee the work and administration of the Charity. Very occasionaly, they may be asked to attend additional meetings or events. To be a Trustee, you simply have to be nominated by a member organisation and then accepted at the AGM. You do need any particular skills, but you will preferably have some knowledge of the Humber "recreation community", especially in the rural areas, which is where HPFA mainly works.

If you are interested, send us an e mail.