• Humber Playing Fields Association

    Active Sport & Recreation

    Advice, help and support with funding application, facility improvements and organisation of activities and sport

  • Humber Playing Fields Association

    Playgrounds & Play Areas

    Over the last few years, HPFA has distributed nearly 100 WREN grants to local organisations worth hundreds of thousands of pounds

  • Humber Playing Fields Association

    Apprenticeships & Training

    Helping community organisations and parish councils meet the recreational needs of their communities

  • Humber Playing Fields Association

    Facility Development

    Advice and support on all facility development on internal fixed furniture, external ground work and improvements to Roofs and outbuildings and help with applications for Grants to support these developments


Any community organisation in the Humber area with an interest in recreation is eligible to join. The benefits to members are the services provided by the HPFA, plus the option of becoming involved in managing the Charity by attending the AGM and nominating Trustees.


Advice and support on all facility development on internal fixed furniture, external ground work and improvements to Roofs and outbuildings and help with applications for Grants to support these developments.

Helping you protect, improve and procure community recreation facilities

The Humber Playing Fields Association is a charity, registered number 505466, formed in 1975. It is one of a number of similar county playing field associations across England who strive to procure, protect and improve community recreation facilities. It is affiliated to, but independent from, Fields in Trust, formerly the National Playing Fields Association, and collaborates with all other county playing field associations.

The HPFA works in the Humber area, which covers the local authority areas of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Kingston upon Hull, North East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire. It's Trustees are representatives of community organisations within the Humber area. They meet quarterly to oversee the charity and to agree programmes of work. Any member organisation may nominate a trustee at the annual general meeting. Although the HPFA encourages community organisations to become members, it will offer advice and assistance to any organisation in the Humber area.

The HPFA's method of working is to advise and assist local community groups and organisations, such as playing field associations, sports clubs, village and community halls and parish councils. The HPFA's aim is to help communities meet the recreational needs within their locality through the protection and development of community owned or managed facilities. These can include recreation grounds, sports pitches, playgrounds, parks and open spaces, pavilions and halls.

The HPFA achieves it's aim by:

  • Advising on technical issues relating to sports, recreation and play facilities.
  • Offering advice and assistance on fundraising from grant awarding organisations.
  • Advising on facility management issues such as playground inspection, turf maintenance, budgeting and project management.
  • Advising on charity issues such as creating a new local charity, land tenure issues and assisting with organisational development.
  • Providing training, for example in playground inspection and sports leadership.
  • Providing sports coaches and organising sports and recreational activities.
  • Providing funding for projects within ten miles of specified landfill sites in partnership with Waste Recycling Environmental (WREN).
  • Publishing a quarterly newsletter publicising current issues and local news.
  • Campaigning to protect playing fields when they are threatened by development.

The HPFA is funded by The Big Lottery Fund until 2015, membership subscriptions and by periodic donations from the Sir James Reckitt Trust and the Hull and East Riding Charitable Trust.